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What's a noob?



Comes in two variations, noob and newb.

Noob is meant as an offensive term toward someone who is not necessarily new, but quite often is directed at someone that is somewhat experienced but at the same time stupid/disruptive and/or totally incapable of learning.  Generally “noob” is used by a haxor, or someone who is generally of exceptional skill for whatever the situation, hence giving it the name haxor (originated from hacker from online gaming).  Typically this can also be seen online as 1337 h4x0rz, h4xor, or something similar.  This sort of typing is referred to as 1337speak, which is a form of online slang that substitutes normal lettering for numbers or symbols.  If you are of such ‘haxor’ quality and find you are winning/owning/whatever to a noob or other similar object, it is often at this point that the term ‘pwn’ is used.  It is usually unwise to direct either the term ‘noob’ at others or use the word ‘pwn’ if your eligibility of being a noob is in question.  A noob is almost always someone who thinks they're cool but obviously aren't. This is also used in 1337speak. 
See also: n00b, nub, ch00b, n00bo, n00blet, n00b4z0!d, etc.

Newb, however, is not meant to be offensive. Newb merely states that the person in question is new to the game/board/whatever.


Noob (online):
            Ralph: OMG ROFL!! I IS THE BEST!11!!(one)11!!1! YUO ALL SUK!11! LOL!
            Fred: noob.
            Daniel: go home n00blet...
     (real life)

            Bobby: Dude, I bought you this cool shirt, but I left it back at my hotel in Spain.

            Juanita: Wow, thanks a lot, noob.

Newb (online):
            Sam (newb): Guys, anyone know where the level 38 raptors spawn?
            Daniel: Sure, just keep heading west from there and you’ll find ‘em soon enough.

     (real life)

            Jen (newb): Why can’t I just cross multiply to solve for ‘x’?

            Sally: Because it’s division.  Here, why don’t you try this problem instead.

Using Pwn (online):

            Ben: dam..some stupid warrior just 1 hit k’od me

            Pat: rofl, you just got pwned

     (real life)

            Greg: Haha dude I just pwned that math test.

            Vince: I know, me too. That was so easy.


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