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Alliteration Alphabet

As any of the following alliterations may include vulgar language, it has been rated PG 13.  Before you read any of the following alliterations, you agree that you are willing to see/read language that may be innapropriate to some people...and that you enjoy random nonsense.


(This was the combined work of myself, Eric, Dan, and David.)


A)    Annually, amazingly acrobatic ants and additional ashy Asian animals attempt assassination after asking astronauts about apples and artificial articulate anthropologists.  Actually, Arctic artichokes are as able as an antelope’s ass after adding an ancient afghan alligator anally.

B)    Battling baboons bounce baby black bears below brown blizzard bridges because back before bachelors bought bologna, bees began biting businessmen but before bastards bashed ballet ballrooms, biased bitches bellowed beastily behind brats biting bubble butts.

C)    Chinese crackhead children chew cherry chunks connecting chili chomping conflicting Chihuahuas caught catapulting Californian cantaloupes cooperating carelessly crapping cow-patties.  Cursing Canadians coldly contract Chlamydia chewing clam’s cocks contradicting Czechoslovakian construction concerning carnivorous chickens clapping cookie conundrums congruently.

D)    During deep December droughts, diligently dancing donkeys dutifully do dad’s dirty dishes daily.  Damned druids do dry doggies desperately deciding decisions demonstrating different daring dentists’ daughters deliberately dealing with dead ducks’ dicks.

E)     Emerald eyed evil elephants expressively enter equidistant elevators eventually explaining editing extravaganza experiences.  Every exploding elemental egg enables elections even extremely exotic exaggerated exercises eventually evaluate extraneous exponentially exogenous equations except Eskimo’s entertainment.

F)     First, frisky female flounders fondle fascinating forbidden fabrics fashionably.  Furthermore, filthy fat farmers feel firm flat fish flattering floating feeble foreign fagots’ fiery feces.  Finally, fuzzy, funny-faced felines furnish frozen furnaces for five flailing filthy Frenchmen’s funerals.

G)    Glorified gaseous ghosts (grabbing glittery golden gats) gracefully gut gasping glamorous goblins getting great garments graciously. Glad gum-chewing gabbing goons glisten grotesquely giving gory girly gophers gothic gauntlet games.

H)    Happily, hidden, hideous hippos holding hats hex heavenly Hispanic hummingbirds having hags hearts healed hatefully.  Horned hellish hooting herrings hand hot Hindu horses heated Haitian heroin hilts hopelessly.

I)       Infant imaginative Irish immigrants interest invited imbecile Indian iguanas in important inhalant information if interacting industries impose inferences instigating invasion implementing Italy indicating intricate issues into idiotic idiosyncrasies.

J)      Japanese junior jocks juggling jam jars justify January’s Jeopardy jokers judiciously.  Jewish jacketed journalist junkies jovially jingling juice jokes jumping Juggernaught jousting Jedis just jab Jabberwockies’ jellybeans joyfully.

K)    Kuwait’s killer kamikaze kinky koalas kissed Kober’s kicking Korean kangaroo’s kabobs kindly.  Kind king Kenny’s key ketchup kettles killed Kentucky’s kayaking kindergarten karate kickers’ kitchen kittens’ kidneys.

L)     Little lousy lizards laboriously lick lazy Latin lions’ large lubricated lemons lovingly.  Lucky laughing leprechaun lords levitate laminated leaves leaving long lower log lips living light lies looking luckily lighter like literature leading laboratory ledges leering liberally, letting land lubbers litter locked llama loads locally.

M)  Mexican masturbating monkey maniacs make mango mudpies menacingly making monstrous Moscow mutant mice militarize mean married mailmen.  Murdered medieval masculine millionaires mix multicolored musical mushrooms meanwhile moving mechanical Muslim mustached musicians mashing more manly meatballs matching my merciful man molested master’s metallic matzah melons.

N)    Nagging naked nematodes narrowly nailed napping narcotic nannies necessarily naming native naughty naturalist negro neighbors Nelson nuking numerous numb nymph nurses.  Neptune’s neat near-sighted nerdy nephew nemesis nervously nibbled nifty nestling newts nominating new noted nocturnal noises nodding notably near nothingness.

O)    Omar ordered overdone olive omelets originating on our own orange oxygen opportunities or obtaining October’s oily oceanic octopi orphanages onto obedient orangutan objectives obviously occurring over one old Olympic ovulating owl owning opponents optimistic opinions over oval overviews.

P)     Pink Peruvian pussies produced Pakistani purple penises proving polite pandemonium pleases perfect playboy pwner pricks, perplexing pretty preposterous peppers packing patient parking pedestrians painting privileged pointy prickly peas pouting pleasantly.

Q)    Quiet quaint quacking quails quieren quirky quart quivering quill quartets quite questionably.  Quit qualifying quarter quarry quarrels.

R)    Rambling Romanian retired racist rhinos running rovers, record retarded rats rigidly resisting random ram rape relentlessly. Red Russian referee raccoons race romantically rich rice, running rare Renaissance records requiring rosy rabbits recently rolling rich robot receptionists risking receiving reflective river razors recommending renting raving refrigerator ruin results.  Rock rooms rob rhythm rings realistically really rain remarkably rapidly remembering rocking really ripe reefers remaining.  Ridiculous ringleader roommate redskins recovering raging Roswell redneck rats ratify related reverends.

S)     Stinky Slovakian snakes slither sneakily surrounding some smelly Serbian salads sacrificing screaming secret sexy Siberian sailors sailing secondary sausage ships scoring serious scientific salmon seen shopping since sniffing spicy snow.  Stuffing speed spoonfuls south so Spanish soccer sugar skiers strike swimming special students snuffing subway surprising small Slavic skank skunks surfacing suddenly speaking strict strange savage stories stopping stingy strawberries suffering square slim shorts stretching scarred scarfed shanked snowboarders smoking steel steak still spooning several Swedish sandwiches.

T)     Tiny Tokyo Tuk-taks taste terrible to tight timid teachers training terrorist tigers tactical trumpet telegrams therefore truly tragic tranquil Taliban tourist tomatoes tip tic-tac tasting toothpaste turning Thanksgiving tables terribly then tubby Turkish turtles tour trains towering thirsty trout truly trying trees taking Tennessee tacos toward tough Thailand ticks. 

U)    Ukrainian ukulele ulcers ultimately urinate under umbrellas uniting unable, unacceptable, unaccomplished, uncharted, undressing Uruguayan uniforms.  Unforgettably, unemployed, unfashionable unicorns underline uninspired unique unions, universally unlikely universes unloosen unlucky urban uproars usurping usable uranium utensil urges unmistakably.  

V)    Violent vinegar Vonage viewers value Versaille’s very vacuumed valley vacation voyages volunteering vitamin virus visits valuably vowing vegetable vomit votes volleyball violin Valentine voices valiantly vacating Vietnamese vulture veil villages.

W)  Wonderful windy winter watermelon weapons witness working women wallet water washers who windsurf worrying while wet wasted whales weigh winning wolves wearing worse wooden watches where wispy white wasps whisper weak wags want wax world wars wetting woolen wide western wing wangs. 

X)    Xiang xylophone XL x-ray xenon xerophytes x-rated Xmas Xeroxing xanthous xanthophylls xanthate.  

Y)     Yo, yesterday your yapping yellow yaks yawned yelling yucky young youths’ yearbooks yo-yo yeast, yet Yugoslavian Yankees yearn (not completed)  

Z)     Zimbabwe’s zeppelin zipping zucchini zaps zero zany zodiac zebra ziggurats zigzagging zesty zoo zones zooming zygotes.

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