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Well, congratulations on finding a way into the noob free area of this site.  Have fun looking at a few of the videos I've made as well as some other random $h!t.


Ah Gu u silly man
ggmathur: ryan you're cool
fuzzytennisBALL5: dont i know it
ggmathur: LOL I almost had myself going there
fuzzytennisBALL5: haha
fuzzytennisBALL5: good thing u caught urself
fuzzytennisBALL5: i almost believed u too
ggmathur: I'm pretty convincing
ggmathur: you study?
fuzzytennisBALL5: LOL good one gaurav
fuzzytennisBALL5: i knew you had the humor in you
ggmathur: I know, I'm good
fuzzytennisBALL5: lol u shud be a stand up comic-that was pretty good
spongebob3 6 6 1: i love how your profile is all based on quotes of you going "LOL good one *insert name*"
fuzzytennisBALL5: lol
fuzzytennisBALL5: ..good one
xo Haley xo94: ur mom had a bad day
xo Haley xo94: so as IF
fuzzytennisBALL5: woops sorry..i dont speak "noob"
fuzzytennisBALL5: can u say that in english..kthx
(by the way..this is my sister)
xo Haley xo94: omg
xo Haley xo94: i met a noob
xo Haley xo94: his name is RYAN VICTER ERSKINE
fuzzytennisBALL5: oh
fuzzytennisBALL5: wow thats weird...he has almost the same name as me ..cept my middle name is Victor with an "O".