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This is in case you don't really know me.  Just read this poem and you'll get the idea.

Mirror of Myself

Traits such as mine can cause such mayhem,

The girls are always after me, I can hardly contain them,

My wide eyes are hazel green,

And I’m as silly as a bean.

I used to have quite the curly Jew-fro,

And it’s true I would never stoop so low,

As to steal from anyone including a medic,

My rhymes top yours and I’m really athletic.


My lips are red, my teeth are white,

My hilarious jokes sure do excite,

I’m polite, and honest and freckled all over,

I tell it how it is, you can always cry on my shoulder.

My cheeks are rosy, now don’t you poke fun,

My sarcasm and intelligence are sure worth a million,

So with all these cool traits that I’ve got,

Compared to your boyfriend, I’m quite the jackpot!


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